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Introduction to Financio X Programming

Financio is a cloud accounting software that stands out from other market products in terms of its cost effectiveness and ease of use, being designed for non-accountants and customised to suit the Singapore market. 

Financio integrates all your invoicing, payment and inventory tracking needs all into one simple application, which can be accessed anywhere across devices, without the need to install any application with data saved securely on the cloud. It allows unlimited users with flexible permissions to access your company's accounts, where you can invite users or collaborate with book-keepers like us to manage your books together.

Having a software like Financio can greatly benefit business productivity as it drastically reduces administrative workloads, while providing you with accurate real time information that matters most. For most smaller businesses, it can be the catalyst in your digital transformation.

Programming is proud to be a Financio advisor with common goal in empowering small local businesses through optimising their accounting function. With our deep expertise in local businesses and accounting, count on us to make the most out of Financio for your business.

Key features


Financio offers a host of features that targets the pain points of business administration and includes other useful features that streamlines your finance function with practical operational needs.

You may download this brochure for details on Financio's capabilities.

Pricing & implementation


Financio is extremely cost effective and accessible to businesses in Singapore, being the most affordable and easy to use when compared to equivalent offerings. 


You may refer to this document to view the current price list and the scope of the offerings.

As a Financio advisor, Programming provides customised services to set up and optimise Financio to suit your individual business needs, as well as providing system 'check-ups' to make sure everything is in order. 

Regardless of your business needs, accounting knowledge (or the lack thereof), we are here to assist you in working out a solution together to make things work. Accounting may be rocket science to many, but Financio removes this barrier and makes business transactions easy and efficient, devoid of the jargons and concepts. Take back control of your business today!

Interested in adopting Financio? Contact us and we will guide you along!

Find out more about Financio - financio.co

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