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We've come a long way. Many things have changed, but some have not.


A wealth of experience and knowledge

Who we are

We are a boutique family-run company specialising in the corporate service sector since our inception in 1978. We have been blessed to have handled many unique clients of various sizes and industries and have accumulated extensive experience through working with them. We take pride in having many long-lasting relationships with our clients and this is what keeps us going.

Driven by a strong satisfaction from helping our clients, we believe that our differentiating factor goes beyond just providing a high standard of work, and is what our clients have come to value. We always work as if we are an extension of our client, building a mutual understanding and close relationship where we offer down to earth and practical approaches in navigating business needs.

Our core focus


As a close-knit company, our operating scale provides us the unique ability to attend to each client individually, with a goal of supporting businesses in whichever way we are able to.  We strive to make the back-end functions work for you, from administration to accounting with your interest in mind, providing you a peace of mind to focus on the core of your business. In addition, we always look forward to establishing connections with like-minded clients, and we believe that no work is too small for us where we gladly welcome discussions on our service offerings.

"Let all things be done decently and in order." - 1 Corinthians 14:40

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