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We've come a long way. Many things have changed, but some have not.





Who we are

We are a Corporate Service Provider that aims to set itself apart from the typical industry practices. We emphasise greatly on having a good relationship with our clients not just by providing good service and being a reliable point of contact where you can get your issues resolved, but also aim to achieve a relationship where we work hand in hand with our clients and know them on a personal level. We're pretty old-school in this approach, but still believe that it is the best way forward to achieve this goal.

Providing corporate services is all we have been doing and is what we take pride in, having over 40 years of experience in this field. We operate such that we follow through your business from the start and grow together with you, with all these intangible details of your background, preferences, business style passed down within us. This allows us to maintain that strong relationship with our clients where we know each other well.

Our core focus


As a small local company, our operating scale provides us the unique ability to attend to each client individually, to put ourselves in the clients shoes and go out of the way to assist whenever required. Our clients also benefit from the familiarity when they work with us, where we know each other on a personal scale and not just knowing us as a company that provides corporate services to them.

We have been blessed to have handled many unique clients of various sizes and industries and have accumulated extensive experience through working with them. Being a small local business ourselves, we are extremely passionate in working together and supporting such businesses where we are able to understand many of their issues they face.

Real. Honest. Business.


This is what we believe defines us and the guiding principle of our business. Maintaining a good client relationship is paramount to us and we love to work with like-minded people.


We are real in our commitment to work with and help our clients through their business, as well as being able to establish a personal relationship with clients where we are able to work together and take an holistic approach to overcome any issues.

We are upfront and honest in everything we do, direct with no surprises. We seek to have the simplest and most transparent cost structure, with no hidden costs. Rest assured that what we quote is all inclusive and we do not charge for additional items even if it incurs more work or time on our end. Expect the most honest advices and service from us with the client's interest as priority.

"Let all things be done decently and in order." - 1 Corinthians 14:40

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