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Filing and keeping records at a company level


Every company requires a secretary as stipulated by the Companies Act. We provide you with a company secretary with all the secretarial services you may require at a company level, with a difference that clients appreciate. 

Company Secretary?

The Companies Act requires every company to appoint a secretary upon 6 months from incorporation, of which the person must have the knowledge and experience to discharge the functions of the secretary.

Unlike a typical personal secretary who assists someone in performing duties such as liaising with others, booking appointments and keeping to deadlines, a company secretary works in a similar fashion but instead of representing a person, the company secretary represents the company instead, in keeping its records properly, filing any changes with ACRA, as well as ensuring the company keeps within its deadlines for its Annual Returns or filings.

Want to know more about the role of a company secretary? View our guide here!

What sets us apart?

We're a little different from the rest. We love simplicity and transparency. No hidden fees, admin charges or contracts, just a simple fixed monthly service fee. No more worries about what's included and what's not in the package. After all, we do not have a complicated list of "routine" and "non-routine" services and all their individual costs, which we understand is confusing and can add up to hefty amounts for clients. Our simple fixed fee takes care of everything, while being very affordable and having great value. 

Instead of typically charging an annual retainer fee for providing a person to act as your company secretary that typically includes an annual return filing service, we provide services on a fixed monthly charge and provide you the full suite of services. Unlimited resolutions, routine or not. We will provide all the necessary support your company may require.

In our opinion, our fixed fee approach can be cheap insurance. We offer the full coverage.

Corporate Secretarial Package

From $50 monthly

We will customise the fees to suit your business level.

Our Corporate Secretarial package will take care of all the needs your company may require, as we take an active role in assisting your company to stay up to date with the regulations and prepare the documents required as part of its operations, while ensuring compliance with the Companies Act (Cap. 50) and the Regulatory. Stay compliant with us as we ensure your company fulfils the requirements of the latest regulations.

Our package includes:

  • Provision of a company secretary

  • Maintaining of minutes book and statutory company register, including register of controllers and nominee directors

  • Preparation of all AGM and annual return documents

  • Filing to ACRA (Excludes filing fee)

  • Preparation of secretarial documents (Resolutions, EGM, Change in officers, shareholdings and capital, dividends etc)

  • Preparation of compliance documents (Beneficial ownership, forms for controllers etc)

  • Liaising with auditors/ external parties 

  • Safe-keeping of common seal and share certificates

  • Reminders on document signing and filing dates

  • Advice on corporate matters

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