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Overwhelmed by numbers? 


Numbers can be confusing sometimes, although having to deal with more numbers may not be a bad thing! Let us help you in transforming those figures into useful financial information.


Issuing and receiving invoices are part and parcel of carrying out a business. So is recording all these transactions accurately. Many businesses would probably find keeping these records to be troublesome and unproductive, since time can be much better spent in serving your own clients rather than struggling to record these invoices correctly. We know it isn't fun, especially after a day's worth of work.


Engaging us to perform your accounting needs would solve your issues and is a cost effective option as opposed to hiring someone to do the job. Tap onto our experience of performing book-keeping for clients from various industries to ensure that your transactions are accurately entered, and generate the relevant reports for you to ensure that your business is operating as you envision it to be.

For clients who are looking at improving their current accounting operations, setting up of an accounting system, or have any unique business needs, we will be happy to provide advice and assistance.

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We will customise the fees to your business level, based on volume and complexity.

For clients with minimal transactions, we also offer book-keeping services on a quarterly/ annual basis.

Financial Statements Compilation

Every active Private Limited Company is required to prepare a set of financial statements for each financial year, also known as its accounts. We are able to provide the compilation of the financial statements by translating your accounting records into a complete set of financial statements.

To us, the financial statements is an important tool for companies to review their financial performance, apart from being used for submission to authorities and financial institutions. As such, we endeavour to present the most accurate figures by reviewing your accounting records and performing appropriate adjustments before performing the compilation, while using our experience to assist companies in preparing their financial statements in accordance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRS). For clients who perform their own book-keeping and have issues with finalising them, we can help.

For companies required to upload their financial statements in XBRL format, we are also able to perform the conversion and filing.

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We will provide a quotation based on the level of reporting your company requires, such as producing a fixed asset schedule, or having additional FRS disclosures such as borrowings or leases. We will also review your accounting records to determine the complexity and effort in finalising and making adjustments to ensure that your accounts provide true and fair view of the Company's state of affairs.



Need help in working out your taxes? We provide taxation services to both individuals and companies with their tax filings.

For corporate clients, services include tax computations, filing of ECI, form C/C-S and GST filings with IRAS.

For individuals, we are able to assist with personal income tax calculations and filing, IR8A, Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) submissions etc.

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