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A strong foundation from the very beginning


Ready to start a new and exciting journey of running a business? Let us help you take the first step in setting up your company and providing all the support you need to get going.

Fundamentals of a company in Singapore

Most businesses operate in the form of a private limited company ("Pte. Ltd.") as it exists as an independent entity on its own, which holds assets and liabilities in its name, as if it were an individual. This allows for limited liability and flexibility in the ownership of the company.

A typical exempt private limited company is made up of the following persons:

  • Directors - The people in charge of running the business (Requires at least 1 local resident)

  • Shareholders - The owners of the business (Can be the same person as the director)

  • Secretary - The person keeping records, filing to ACRA, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Need more information about a private limited company? View our guide here!

Ready to start?

We're as excited as you are in taking the first step to start a new adventure! Once you have decided on your company name, the first directors,shareholders and share capital proportions, get in touch with us and we will guide you on the rest. Need help? Let us know.

Company Incorporation Package


One simple flat fare, all inclusive of everything you need to get going and operational.

Our incorporation package includes:

  • Name check and reservation

  • Government fees for incorporation

  • Constitution (Formerly known as the Memorandum & Articles of Association)

  • Preparation of minutes and register books

  • Common Seal

  • Preparation of first minutes and resolutions

  • Share certificates

  • Business Advisory

  • Liaison with relevant parties, where required

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